Tender: Seferihisar geothermal concession near Izmir, Turkey

The Bay of Izmir, Turkey (source: flickr/ Joe Taylor, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 28 Jan 2016

Izmir Jeotermal A.S. is tendering out the Seferihisar Geothermal Area for electricity generation. The license area is located near Izmir, Turkey.

?zmir  is a metropolitan city in the western extremity of Anatolia and the third most populous city in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara.

According to TUIK data, Izmir ranks at the first place among the significant resources regarding geothermal energy, electricity, residence heating and greenhouse heating. Geothermal domestic heating investments in Dikili, Bergama, Aliaga, Seferihisar, Çesme, Bayindir, Balcova and Narlidere districts.

However any company or municipality used right the Electricity Production potential  until now. Izmir Jeotermal A.S. decided to tender the Seferihisar Geothermal Area to Produce Electricity.


Last Bid Date : 02.02.2016 / 10:00
Tender Documents No:  ?JTSHE-001

Minimum bid  should be ; $ 500,000 / year + $ 0.5 cents / kWh with $1,000,000 (one million USD) worth of bank guarantees.

Procurement of the Republic of Turkey was established according to the law legal entities can participate.The legal entities are obliged to submit bids to purchase the tender document. The tender document sale price:  10,000 TL (ten thousand Turkish Lira) it’s about EUR 3,035. Bidders shall provide bid bonds together with offer for not less than the amount specified in the table above.

Tendered area is the north part of the Seferihisar Geothermal Operation License.

During the geothermal investigations carried out by MTA and Izmir Geothermal between 1971 and 2015, 12 deep and 5 shallow exploration wells, as well as 25 temperature gradient boreholes were drilled.


  • Izmir Geothermal will give all the rights about the production of  CM-3, CM-4 CM-5, CM -6 G3-A, and the G17 to wells, with wellhead equipments.
  • Hydrogeochemical studies revealed that the Seferihisar thermal waters are of two different types: Na/Ca–HCO3 and Na–Cl, and that the waters mixed with cold seawater before and/or after heating at depth. Geothermometer data indicate geothermal reservoir temperatures between 110 and 180 ?C (Tarcan and Gemici, 2003).

  • Tender; $ 500,000 per year in addition to fixed pay, Izmir geothermal energy for what is produced in manufacturing plants, which are sold “payable in terms of USD cents per kWh price” will be held on the proposal.
  • Tenants, has to take the Izmir Geothermal approval in order to establish his power production facility for all activities in the field. (new wells, deepening of existing wells and improving and upgrading the wellhead system, the withdrawal of the pipelines, etc.)
  • Starts from the date of signing of the contract period, the expiry date of the license period ends on August 11 2036.
  • Tenant is obliged to obtain permits and approvals for the license establishment.Contracting Tenants statement also said that the move to establish the conditions necessary for electric production facilities and will be deemed to have committed.
  • Tenants, in accordance with the provisions of Law has to inject waste fluid. Rented space is inside of the Seferihisar License area, but with the endorsement by Izmir Geothermal winner company can drill outside of the rented Area for the re-injection.
  • Wellhead SCADA system will be available to Izmir geothermal observation purposes only.

Most important willing of the Izmir Geothermal A.S. is the energy (waste water) for the 200 a
cres greenhouses. 

For more information you can visit the website of Izmir Jeotermal.

Eren Gunuc
Geothermal Investment Consultant
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