Thai company pushing small-scale geothermal development in Beppu, Japan

Small-scale geothermal power plants, Beppu/ Oita, Japan (source: screenshot/ TLuxe Power)
Alexander Richter 15 Aug 2017

Thai Luxe Enterprises, through a power subsidiary is pushing small-scale geothermal development with investment into small binary geothermal power plants in Oita Prefecture, Japan.

Thai Luxe Enterprises plans investment into a geothermal power project in Japan. As reported by Reuters, the board of the company has approved the planned investment.

Initial news reported a possible investment of Thai Baht 755.72 million (or around $23 million), in 8 geothermal plants. The company expects to derive revenue from the new investment in the third quarter of this year. An additional three geothermal plants are being considered. The company expects annual revenues of Thai Baht 130 million ($3.9 million) from the 11 geothermal plants. But the company has further plans with up to 56 plants by 2018.

The company reported in December last year that its CEO visited a geothermal power plant at Beppu in Oita Prefecture, Japan.

Thai Luxe Enterprises is a company with a focus on animal feeds, but has established a subsidiary focused on its geothermal investment, called TLuxe Power.

The company plans to build a total of 12 small-scale geothermal power plants with an installed capacity of 125 kW, all located in Oita Beppu, Japan.

Currently four units are installed with a total capacity of 500 kW (4x 125 kWh).

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