The important role of the Kamojang geothermal field – celebrating 35-year of geothermal production

Geothermal pipes of Pertamina, Indonesia (source: zmiyatul.blogspot)
Alexander Richter 17 Dec 2018

Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) celebrated 35-years of geothermal power production at Kamojang with a seminar at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) last week.

A seminar celebrating the 35-year anniversary of the Kamojang geothermal production area, was held last week at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). The event featured several geothermal experts such as Prof. Manfred P. Hochstein as professor of Geothermal Energy in New Zealand, New Zealand Embassy to Indonesia HE Mr. Trevor Matheson, and Directorate General of EBTKE Havidh Nazif, as reported by Pertamina.

Prof. Manfred P. Hochstein, retired Professor of Geothermal Energy in New Zealand explained about “Kamojang Exploration: The Beginning”. He became a pioneer in field exploration for geothermal energy. When he conducted research on Geothermal development in Indonesia, especially Kamojang, he chose to use five stages.

“There are several stages that I have used during geothermal research, both in New Zealand and Kamojang. The first phase of geothermal selection was suitable for the 1971 survey; second, conducting surveys separately from five selected fields including Kamojang. Third, drilling exploration for Kamojang and Fourth the planning for production drilling for 30 MW in Kamojang, Fifth, carrying out the design and construction of the Kamojang [power plant], “explained Prof. Hochstein.

New Zealand’s Ambassador to Indonesia HE Trevor Matheson expressed his warmest regards to PGE for having managed and operated the Kamojang Area for 35 years. This is inseparable from government intervention and reliable professors from New Zealand who research geothermal areas in Indonesia including Kamojang.

“I am very interested in today’s seminar. Kamojang is a very good heritage that Indonesia has. I am very proud, because Indonesia and New Zealand work together to develop Geothermal Energy both in terms of education or education, research and technology, he said.

Havidh Nazif, the Directorate General of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE), revealed that the government has always supported the Geothermal Energy Kamojang area. Even Kamojang is also a role model for the sustainable development of geothermal energy.

“I am proud, Kamojang, which is managed by PGE, is a role model for EBTKE for educational matters because it is the center of research, research, comparative studies, and the contribution of geothermal to the community and the environment,” he concluded.

Source: Company release