The Retail approach to selling electricity from geothermal plants in the Philippines

Unilever (Source: Flickr, Sean Biehle, Creative commons)
Parker O'Halloran 12 Jun 2017

Geothermal energy producers in the Philippenes making agreements to supply power to private companies.

With no existing feed-in-tariffs for geothermal energy, geothermal operators in the Philippines are looking to sell their electricity to private sector players. We recently reported on a deal of Nestlé buying electricity from the Makban geothermal power plant of Aboitiz Power.

Further news has been released that smaller scale power purchase agreements signed between operators of geothermal power plants in the Philippines with the private sector. This is due to new regulations allowing for retail competition and open access for the power sector.

As reported last week, Aboitiz Power signed a PPA with Eton Properties for the supply of 5.2 MW of geothermal power from its Makban geothermal plant to office buildings in Quezon City.

Also last week, Unilever signed a PPA with FirstGen Energy Solutions on renewable power supply, which includes geothermal power to fuel Unilever’s production facility in Cavite.

Source: The Daily Tribune and Manila Standard

Nestle to tap into geothermal energy in the Philippines