The Utah Geological Survey finds geothermal hot spot in Utah

Twin Peaks cinder cones, Black Rock Desert, Utah (source: flickr/ Fool-On-The-Hill, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 30 Sep 2012

The Utah Geological Survey announces it has found a massive geothermal resource at the Black Rock Desert Basin in Utah that could fuel geothermal power generation of hundreds of MW.

Reported last week in Utah, the state’s Geological Survey announced it has found a “massive new source of pteotnail geothermal power in Utah’s west desert.

The resources lies deeper than current resources utilized in the U.S., but the Geological Survey still sees the resource as exploitable. Crews have drilled nine wells at the Black Rock Desert basin in the south of Delta to test the theory of an existing deep geothermal reservoir and – so the reports – have been successful.

The area identified has a size of approximately 100 square miles at the Black Rock Desert Basin and could – so the Geological Survey – fuel geothermal power production of “hundreds of MW”.

The area has an existing infrastructure, mainly major electrical transmission line nearby that would make development more feasible.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune