Think GEOENERGY Magazine Issue 2 now available

Think GEOENERGY Magazine Issue 2 now available Think GEOENERGY Magazine Issue 2
Alexander Richter 7 May 2014

ThinkGeoEnergy announces the publication of the second issue of its Think GEOENERGY Magazine, the new magazine for the global geothermal industry.

Launching a magazine was a big step for ThinkGeoEnergy and we were very glad for the positive reception the magazine has received by readers around the world.

We are now proud to present the second issue of the Think GEOENERGY Magazine. With a country focus on New Zealand we moved to the other end of the world to Iceland. This island state in the North Atlantic stands like no other country for the great and varied uses of geothermal energy. With open-air swimming pools open all year, district heating for nearly all households, the country has also creatively added geothermal to a variety of interesting industry activities and naturally also derives power from its several geothermal plants, about a third of its electricity production.

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As part of the work on this issue we also looked at other interesting topics of the industry throughout the different key content elements.

In our Affairs section we hear from the efforts of the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association to get the industry moving in Canada, hear about the newly established Mexican Geothermal Center and the upcoming World Geothermal Congress.

The largest event of the industry, the World Geothermal Congress will take place in April 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. Held every five years the event brings together people from the research and education community, as well as all segments of the industry from all over the world. The Congress will also be an important showcase and a way to position the industry for the years to come, following challenging years particularly in Australia.

On business issues, Ormat Technologies tells us why their binary systems have been able to withstand destructions through natural disasters. We also look at the success story of the Blue Lagoon, as a model for geothermal spa operations around the world.

Efforts on how development activities are being kicked off in Latin America are the topic in our development section.

The engineering section receives a little bit more room in this issue of the magazine. It features an article on how better exploration could help development, and an overview on geothermal education in Iceland. In another article we look at the possible role of wellhead geothermal plants in bringing power online faster. The efforts in the U.S. on collecting geothermal data and maps and bringing it all together in a national geothermal database concludes this section.

Closing the magazine is an article on current trends on the investment side.

We hope you find this second issue of our magazine interesting. We thank again for the help we received from the various authors who worked with us on the magazine or sent us their articles for consideration for this and future issues. We are always looking to hear from you on potential topics or articles, so please don´t hesitate to contact us.

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