ThinkGeoEnergy Reader Survey – Please help

Alexander Richter 22 Feb 2012

ThinkGeoEnergy is currently exploring additional services and offerings and is asking for your help and participation in its Reader Survey. It is a short survey with a number of questions as they relate to ThinkGeoEnergy, its services offered and thoughts on going forward.

For now over three years ThinkGeoEnergy has covered the geothermal energy industry with a clear focus on geothermal power generation. With humble beginnings as a little blog, the site has grown and today offers a number of additional features. With over 2,700 news pieces it has been a busy time.

Today I am asking you for your help in a short Reader Survey. It would be great if you could assist in filling out the survey.  Click here to take survey

I sincerely hope that you find the site and its features useful. From the beginning I have been using a variety of social media tools to help promote geothermal energy. Twitter has become an increasingly important tool. Facebook is something a bit underutilized. Google+ is coming. The ThinkGeoEnergy LinkedIn group with now also around 600 members is providing a great platform for discussions. The Ning community has not been that overly successful, but is still being used.

The free-to-use pictures I share via ThinkGeoEnergy’s Flickr account are also popular. If you want to share good geothermal pictures you can do this via the Flickr Group of ThinkGeoEnergy.

Then there are the other elements. In 2010, a weekly newsletter was added that today has over 600 subscribers and now even has a fine co-sponsor in Scientific Drilling. The Geothermal Job Portal was added last year and slowly gains some traction.

Also at the end of 2011, ThinkGeoEnergy was able to offer one of the first Geothermal apps for the iPhone – the GeoEnergy app, available in the App Store.

I am also very excited about the ThinkGeoEnergy Geothermal Power Plant Map, which is in full work. It is under development, so don´t expect it to be anywhere close to ready and correct, but for a preview see here:, for the old map (on Google Maps) you can use this link.

I am now going through a bit of a strategic review of the site, for which the survey is supposed to be a little guidance of what you want to see for ThinkGeoEnergy going forward, so your help is appreciated.

There are some exciting news coming along for the industry, so the start into this year looks a lot better than indications of the end of last year. So lets hope we will see an exciting year.

I am also exploring the idea of a Marketing Workshop/ event in connection with the GRC Annual Meeting and the GEA Trade Show in Reno this fall, so stay tuned.

In this context I also would very much like to thank all the companies that have supported me through the years with advertisements and other contributions. Namely this is Islandsbanki, ISOR, GeothermEx, Hannon Armstrong, Verkís, Mannvit, Technip, Scientific Drilling, Iceland Drilling, Enerchange and Activated Logic.

There are a large number of other individuals and companies that have helped tremendously through advise, thoughts, critical remarks and comments and general support.