ThinkGeoEnergy to launch paper magazine this fall

ThinkGeoEnergy Magazine - front page design draft
Alexander Richter 6 Jul 2013

ThinkGeoEnergy will launch a new magazine for the geothermal energy industry. ThinkGeoEnergy Magazine will be published in paper and be available at the major geothermal events, as well as in electronic format on

First of all sincere apologies for all that expected to receive ThinkGeoEnergy’s regular newsletter. Some technical issues are the reason it did not go out as usual on Thursday morning. So you are now receiving it instead over the weekend.

But there are also exciting news. ThinkGeoEnergy is planning a new paper magazine, to be launched at the combined events of the GEA Geothermal Energy Expo and the GRC Annual Meeting 2013 in Las Vegas this fall.

For years, we have been contemplating about creating a new magazine for the geothermal energy industry and now we are really working on it.

ThinkGEOENERGY the magazine, will be providing a general view on the global geothermal industry, stories, case studies and statistics with less technical focus and more generally promotional for geothermal energy. It will not provide a complete and timely news overview as ThinkGeoEnergy, the website, but accompany the site.

It is targeted not only at readers from the geothermal energy industry, but also for readers outside the industry and highlight the opportunities geothermal energy and development of geothermal resources presents and thereby provide a document companies want to share with their clients for the promotion of our industry.

Each magazine will highlight a report on a particular country and we wills start with New Zealand for the first edition.

The following main “chapters” or sections will be featured in the magazine:

A – Affairs – Current market trends, news from industry associations, state of the industry

B – Business – news from corporations, interesting companies, general corporate overviews and news

C – Country in focus – selected country report with certain country elements in the different sections/ chapters (planned start New Zealand)

D – Development – news and trends, news from individual projects and status on development world-wide

E – Engineering & Technology – technology/ drilling, news, technical descriptions, can be some technical paper BUT rather general and educational in nature. Turbine/ power plant etc.

F – Finance – General topics on financing of geothermal, risk management & mitigation, deals, banking finance, business and potentially some legal issues as well etc.

If you are interested in receiving details about advertising in the magazine, please don´t hesitate to contact us at alex [at] thinkgeoenergy [dot] com.

We are also looking for guest writers, so if you can think of a particular text or idea for an article, please drop us a line.

Details will be published soon on