Tibets geothermal potential estimated at 800 MW

Tibets geothermal potential estimated at 800 MW Yangbajing geothermal power plant (Source: Panoramio)
Alexander Richter 18 Jan 2016

A new study by authorities in China estimate a geothermal power generation capacity of 800 MW at 672 geothermal sites in Tibet.

In new studies Chinese authorities of the Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region  report having “detected 672 geothermal sites with a combined power generation potential of 800,000 kilowatts (800 MW).

The main geothermal potential in Tibet is reported “along the plateau railway link in Lhasa, Nyemo, Yambajan, Nagqu and near Cona Lake, in areas near the Yarklunggtsangpo,Lhasa and Nyainchu rivers, as well as the vast uninhabited areas in the north of Tibet, said the regional bureau of geology and mineral exploration on Saturday.

The survey conducted estimates that high temperature resources of over 150 degrees Celsius represent about 80 percent of China’s geothermal potential.

This is contrary to traditional beliefs that high-temperature geothermal resources are found only in volcanic regions at low altitudes. Tibet has an average altitude of 4,000 meters.

It plans to invest heavily in the coming decade to exploit clean and renewable energy including geothermal and solar energy.

Equivalent to roughly 853 billion tonnes of standard coal, China’s geothermal energy potential could replace coal in energy consumption.

Source: CRI English