Tibet’s Yangbajing will see a new geothermal power plant

Tibet’s Yangbajing will see a new geothermal power plant Yangbajing geothermal power plant (source: panoramio)
Alexander Richter 22 Mar 2010

China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited is to build a new geothermal plant in Yangbajing, Tibet.

Reported from the country, “China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited, which is dedicated to wind, solar, and thermal power generation, today starts building Tibet’s biggest solar power station and a new geothermal power station in Yangbajing Town, Tibet.

Complementing the Yangbajing Geothermal Power Station, which has come into service for several decades, the new stations will turn the small town into a demonstration area for new energy development.

An executive from the group says that the 10,000-kilowatt solar power station will largely ease the power supply tension in central Tibet, which is expected to cost as much as CNY 220 million in investments and will be completed in ten months.

In its 25-year service life, the power station will generate 43,000 KWHs of electricity, save 150,500 tons of coal, and reduce less 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 1,850 tons of sulfur dioxide, 120 tons of dust, and 40,600 tons of clinker as compared to a similar capacity coal-fired power station.”

Source: Trading Markets