Turkey total installed geothermal power generation capacity now 575 MWe

Efeler Geothermal Plant, Turkey (source: Guris Holdings)
Alexander Richter 21 Sep 2015

In a presentation today, Tevfik Kaya from Schlumberger/ GeothermEx provides an overview on the status of geothermal development, reporting a total installed geothermal power generation capacity of 575 MWe.

In a presentation today, Tevfik Kaya, Businss Development Manager with Schlumberger/ GeothermEx in Turkey gave a good update on the current status on drilling and project development in Turkey.

Energy demand has been growing dramatically. Electricity consumption was about 1,485 kW/ capita in 2002, 1,485 now it is 3,429 and expected to be at 6,000 in 2023 and 7,000 by 2050.

Last week, ThinkGeoEnergy reported on 538 MW, but with a new plant having come online the total installed capacity is now 575 MW, or a total of around 1.2% of total electricity generation.

Turkey started development in 1984, total number of wells drilled is about 1,200 for direct use and power generation. About 300 wells have been drilled in recent years for geothermal power projects.

This represents a dramatic growth for geothermal power generation capacity. In 2008 the overall installed capacity was 30 MWe, so with 7 years capacity has increased by 545 MWe.

The power price for private developer is about $0.105 per kWh for 10 years.

Here now the updated Global Top 10 for Geothermal Power Generation Capacity (MWe)