Turkey’s EMRA shared new regulation for hybrid approach to power plants

Turkey’s EMRA shared new regulation for hybrid approach to power plants Stillwater hybrid geothermal-solar plant, Nevada (source: Enel, video screenshot)
Alexander Richter 29 Jun 2020

EMRA has announced its new methodology, which will be implemented in hybrid electricity power plants, which it envisages will contribute to increasing new investment opportunities and employment.

Energy Market Regulatory Board (EMRA) Press Center shares the regulation created for the use of hybrid technology in power plants in its announcement under the title of “New era in the energy sector”.

With the regulation, renewable energy facilities to be built in the areas where the power plants are located will increase the new investment and employment opportunities. Companies producing electricity from other sources will also be able to establish their own solar power plants within the same power plant area. Thus, solar panels are expected to become widespread and domestic panel production will increase.

Especially in geothermal energy-based power plants established in agricultural regions, biomass-based auxiliary resource units can be established in order to eliminate such wastes and increase electricity production by using agricultural residues and wastes in the region. In addition, it will be possible to use renewable energy sources such as solar or biomass together in power plant sites based on conventional energy sources such as coal and natural gas.

Within the framework of the new methodology, power plant fields will be determined according to the energy source and technology type, and the expropriation of more areas than the investor’s needs will be prevented. Areas that remain idle – hundreds of acres – will become part of electricity generation.

With the arrangement, power plant fields to be added to associate and production licenses will be evaluated separately from wind, solar, hydroelectric, thermal, biomass, geothermal and nuclear energy sources.

The size of the land of the facility to be established will vary depending on the type of source and technology. EMRA will ensure that the investor’s field is tailored to the methodology, after his review according to the criteria he has determined. Thus, the expropriation of more than the investor’s needs and the acquisition of ownership or use right through purchase or lease will be prevented. In addition, conflicts arising in terms of agricultural areas will be eliminated.

EMRA will establish a control mechanism in determining power plant sites with this regulation. In this way, it will be prevented that the investors bear the excess cost in the fields determined according to the need.

EMRA Chairman Mustafa Y?lmaz, who evaluated the subject, noted that the regulation is of great importance in terms of bringing inactive areas to the economy. Yilmaz; Emphasizing that the new facilities to be established will also bring new job and employment opportunities: “With this regulation, we are opening the way for our country to benefit more from renewable energy sources. We accelerate the investment environment with the possibility of additional investment in existing facilities. We believe that more investments and employment will come from investors. ”

Source: our Turkish sister publication JeotermalHaberler