UK elections cast doubt on continued renewable support

Alexander Richter 13 May 2015

Conservatives are trying to convey that they committed to tackling climate change.

Following the unexpected Conservative victory in the UK’s elections last week, there have been some growing concerns regarding the outlook for renewable energy support of Mr Cameron’s party in the country.

Conservatives have been very skeptic of climate change, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence and groups in the Uk are fretting over the fact that renewable energy targets could be set back now that conservatives are in power.

In a recent article in Renewable Energy World says that Cameron’s party is addressing said fears and has selected Amber Rudd as the new Minister for Energy since “she spoke frequently in support of the previous government’s policy backing renewables as a way to cut global warming emissions.”

Nina Skorupska, CEO of the Renewable Energy Association states in REW’s article that “Rudd has been a champion of renewables and the low-carbon economy in the past year, and her appointment will do much to allay the fears some may have after the general election”

So far the Conservatives seem to be committed to positions themselves as pro-renewables, yet we will have to see what does the future hold.

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Source: Renewable Energy World