UNAM, Mexico – Free online course on geothermal energy (in Spanish)

UNAM, Mexico – Free online course on geothermal energy (in Spanish) Curso Online Gratis De Geotermia De La UNAM (source: Oye Juanjo)
Alexander Richter 10 Feb 2019

Curso Online Gratis De Geotermia De La UNAM - Free online course on geothermal energy offered by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), a public research university in Mexico, has announced a free Online Geothermal Course

Committed to the democratization of knowledge, the highest level institution in Mexico has just announced the launch of the first virtual course on Geothermal energy available on the Coursera platform, as reported by Oye Juanjo.

The objective of this four-week course is to identify the variety of applications of geothermal energy beyond the production of electricity and heating, thereby promoting the formation of human resources that lead to optimum use of geothermal resources.

It is a great opportunity to introduce us to exploration techniques in Geothermal, receiving scientific information on the bases and new trends to encourage interest in geothermal energy.

What will I learn in this course? The extension of contents is very broad, addressing multiple disciplines such as Geochemistry, Geophysics and Geology; applied to the exploration of geothermal resources.

This is the programming of themes for each week:

Week 1:

See what are the general aspects of geothermal energy, its origin and processes, how heat is transpired from the interior of the Earth to the surface and how measurements of this heat are made. The uses of geothermal energy and the economic aspects that imply its use are also considered.

Week 2:

This module deals with the importance of geological techniques in the recognition stage and how to identify and catalog all geothermal manifestations on the surface.

Week 3:

In this module you can see the geochemical techniques, used to meet the objectives of surface exploration, in which the analysis of spring waters, fumarole emissions, gas discharges and cold surface waters are carried out. make inferences in the conditions of the hydrothermal system.

Week 4:

This module explains some geophysical techniques used to define the dimensions and structure of the geothermal field: the area it occupies, the depth to which it is located and the main structures related to permeability.

Who can participate? This course was designed for students and professionals of all engineering and bachelor degrees in Geosciences, Environmentalists, Economists and related specialties.

Source: Oye Juanjo