Unterhaching as example of geothermal development in Bavaria,

Alexander Richter 12 Aug 2009

A note on the opening of the Unterhachingen Kalina geothermal power plant in Bavaria, Germany.

While already official started in June this year, the Kalina plant of Siemens in Unterhaching is still an interesting case of geothermal development in Germany.

It is the first Kalina plant built and operating in Germany and produces both power and heat for the community in proximity to Bavaria’s capital Munich in southern Germany.

The project was a unique case of various players working together. While detailed information is mostly available in German, a few details can be found on the project’s website in English.

Benjamin Richter from Rödl & Partner actually provided me with some interesting documents that I thought worth sharing.

Erfolgreiche Projektumsetzung Geothermie Unterhaching (Rödl & Partner)” (pdf, “Successful project management Unterhachingen, in German)

Economic optimization of geothermal projects, Geothermal energy in Bavaria (doc, in English)