UNU Geothermal Training Program graduates 41st group before move under UNESCO

UNU GTP graduation, October 2019 (source: UNU-GTP)
Alexander Richter 20 Oct 2019

The United Nations University Geothermal Training Program graduates its 41st group, which is also the last one under the UNU umbrella. The program will continue but now under the umbrella of UNESCO.

This week, the Iceland-based United Nations University has celebrated the graduation of the 41st group and the last one before its new start under UNESCO at the end of 2019. 24 Students from 15 developing countries have graduated this year and form now part of the large family of 718 fellows who graduated from the programme since 1979.

UNU-GTP was established in the context of the rise of awareness regarding renewable energies as an alternative to fossil fuels. Hosted by Orkustofnun, Icelandic National Energy Authority and supported by the Government of Iceland, the UNU-GTP has been a reference point for building geothermal workforce around the World, especially in developing countries and Central and Eastern European ones.

The programme celebrates its 41st anniversary and will now continue in the same format yet under UNESCO which will still serve the mission of building geothermal energy capacity at the international level.

But the program will survive under a different structure under UNESCO, as we reported.

Source: Icelandic Geothermal Research Cluster GEORG via LinkedIn