UNU Geothermal Training Program offering UNU fellows MSc and PhD fellowships

Graduates of the UNU Geothermal Training Program 2018 (source: UNU GTP)
Alexander Richter 15 Nov 2019

The Iceland-based UNU Geothermal Training Program offers former UNU fellows the opportunity for fellowships for MSc and PhD studies in Iceland.

The United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme (UNU GTP) offers former UNU Fellows the opportunity to apply for an MSc or PhD Fellowship.  The Fellowship enables successful applicants to study at the University of Iceland or Reykjavík University and covers the full tuition fees and living allowance. This is published on the UNU GTP website.

The Fellowships are exclusively awarded to Fellows that have completed the Six Month Training Programme at the UNU-GTP.

Applicants that wish to be considered for an MSc or PhD Fellowship may apply to the UNU-GTP by completing the relevant sections of the application form.  Applications will be valid for 2 years unless requested otherwise.

Please send the application form to Ludvik S. Georgsson: and cc:

Please note: 

  • Fellows applying for an MSc Fellowship have to provide a clear outline of the research topics or projects they intend to pursue with their application.
  • Fellows applying for PhD Fellowships have to provide a clear and detailed project proposal with their application.

To be considered for a Fellowship, all applicants must:

  1. Hold a university degree from a certified university.
  2. Ensure that all data regarding the application, i.e. certificates, grade results, etc., have arrived at the UNU-GTP before the deadline (however, reference can be made to certified data sent in association with an application for a UNU Fellowship for the 6 Month Training Programme).

The deadline for applications is November 30 each year. 

All applications will be judged based on the academic records of the applicants and their overall performance during the 6 Month Training in Iceland.

The results will be announced on the UNU-GTP website at the end of January the following year.

Source: UNU GTP