Update: Tragedy hits geothermal site in Indonesia

ava West/Malabar Tea Plantation/Bandung South (Source: Flickr, CC, By: dany13)
Alexander Richter 13 May 2015

A landslide in West Java killed and injured several villagers and also caused damage to geothermal pipes at nearby plant.

An accident happened earlier last week in Indonesia, where a landslide due to heavy rains in Margamukti Village in Pangalengan, West Java destroyed part of said village and also caused damages to the pipes in a nearby geothermal plant.

There were four casualties and seven injuries. Some individuals are still unaccounted for. Local news provide a few more details stating that “rescuers managed to evacuate one body from the mud and rescued eight injured people. The injured are now receiving treatment in the nearest hospital. Meanwhile, search and rescue efforts are still carried out by joint forces of Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), police, and volunteers. The search and rescue efforts were stopped for a while due to bad weather and heavy mud.”

Source: Global Indonesia Voices

Update 13th May: (The cause of the accident was the landslide, and not the pipes as previously theorised. The actual injuries were due to the landslide destroying the village and the equipment)