Various job openings available – Fervo Energy, U.S.

Various job openings available – Fervo Energy, U.S. Fervo Energy logo (source: Fervo Energy)
Carlo Cariaga 4 Nov 2022

Fervo Energy has announced several job openings in geothermal project sites in California, Texas, Nevada, and Colorado.

Texas-based geothermal developer Fervo Energy has published several open job positions in various roles and locations. The list of job openings as currently reflected in the company’s career page is as follows:

Fervo Energy provides 24/7 carbon-free energy through development of next-generation geothermal power. Fervo’s mission is to leverage innovation in geoscience to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Geothermal has a major role to play in the future electric grid and Fervo’s key innovations bring a full suite of modern technology to make geothermal cost competitive.

Earlier this year, Fervo announced raising USD 138 million in funding from various investors to finance their geothermal power plant projects all over the U.S.

Source: Fervo Energy