Video: Cataloguing Vanuatu’s geothermal resources

Video: Cataloguing Vanuatu’s geothermal resources Geothermal research work in Vanuatu, Pacific (video screenshot)
Alexander Richter 16 Oct 2017

This nice video describes the volunteer work done on the island state of Vanuatu in the South Pacific that tries to explore the geothermal potential.

On the island state of Vanuatu, a volcanic group of about 80 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, geothermal energy could potentially provide a renewable energy source.

A while ago, a volunteer was sought to help work on exploring the country’s geothermal potential. We just now stumbled across this vide from Pacific-Community-SPC / VSA volunteer Simon Bloomberg, who is collating a baseline index of Vanuatu’s geothermal resources, to hand over a map to Vanuatu’s Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources. Learn more about Simon’s assignment in this mini documentary put together by fellow VSA volunteer Murray Lloyd.