Volcanic danger also geothermal hope for Montserrat

Site of Well MON-01, Montserrat, Caribbean (source: Montserrat government)
Francisco Rojas 17 Aug 2015

The Montserrat volcano can also have a silver lining, the potential to feed the island's inhabitants with clean, local, renewable energy.

Montserrat Island in the Caribbean is deeply linked to the volcano that gives the island its name. BBC details that “last month, Montserratians marked 20 years since the start of the volcanic crisis which has rendered two-thirds of the island an exclusion zone”.

The eruption of the volcano has a massive impact in the country, not only from an economic but also from a social perspective. Despite the devastation that happened 2 decades ago, Montserratians are known to be close-knit community with very positive attitude towards life.

But not all is doom and gloom. The volcano also has a massive silver lining; it can be the source for clean, renewable energy for the small island and help them end their reliance on expensive foreign imported oil and at the same time curb carbon emissions.

BBC News detail that recently elected Governor Elizabeth Carriere has clear cut plants for the island’s future: “I will work with the island’s government to realise a safe, sustainable and prosperous Montserrat.” she said.

Ms Carriere added: “Better sea links, tapping opportunity for geothermal energy and improving technological links to the wider world all have a part to play.”

Source: BBC