Webinar – Geothermal Project Development in Indonesia, 29 May 2020

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Alexander Richter 25 May 2020

In the next webinar of, Daniel Mölk country manager for Indonesia at STEAG GmbH will provide an insight into the company's Baturraden geothermal power project in Central Java, Indonesia.

The German power producer STEAG GmbH entered the geothermal market in Indonesia a few years back and started drilling for its Baturraden geothermal power project.

Daniel Mölk, Indonesia Country Manager for STEAG will provide an insight into the project in Central Java at the active volcano of Mount Slamet in a webinar for, a collaboration of Enerchange and ThinkGeoEnergy.

The interview will highlight specific challenges and opportunities for geothermal development in Indonesia helping to provide guidance for geothermal development in the country with the world’s largest geothermal potential.

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