Webinar – Is the time ripe for geothermal industry in the LAC region? – Aug 26, 2020

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Alexander Richter 25 Aug 2020

This webinar as part of GEOLAC 2020 will be discussing if the time is ripe for an expansion of the geothermal energy industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the lead-up to the 7th Geothermal Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean (GEOLAC Virtual), join this webinar as an expert panel explores prospects for the geothermal industry across the region.

Webinar topics include:

  • How can the industry flourish in a low-oil price, fiscally restrained, post-Covid reality?
  • How can geothermal contribute to the re-activation of Latin American economies and support the shift to decarbonization and clean energy?
  • What will it take to achieve political commitment, attract investment and make real progress for geothermal?

Webinar panelists:

  • Dr. Marit Brommer, Executive Director, International Geothermal Association (IGA)
  • Christiaan Gischler, Co-Leader, Special Group on Mining, Geothermal and Hydrocarbons, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • Elin Hallgrimsdottir, Senior Energy Specialist, The World Bank / ESMAP
  • Alexander Richter, Managing Director, Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster; CEO & Founder, ThinkGeoEnergy, moderator

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