Webinar – UNFC Geothermal Specifications, 1 March 2023

Webinar – UNFC Geothermal Specifications, 1 March 2023 Introduction to the 2nd Edition of the UNFC Specifications for Geothermal Energy Resources - webinar by IGA-AWPRB (source: IGA-AWPRB)
Carlo Cariaga 23 Feb 2023

Registration is currently open for a webinar hosted by IGA-AWPRB on the UNFC Geothermal Classification Standards featuring Dr. Graeme Beardsmore as speaker.

On 1 March 2023, the Asia-Western Pacific Regional Branch of the International Geothermal Association (IGA-AWPRB) will be hosting a webinar on the United Nations Framework Classification (UNFC) Geothermal Specifications for classifying and reporting geothermal energy resources.

Registration for the webinar is currently available via this link.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe approved the second (updated) edition of the ‘Specifications for the Application of UNFC to Geothermal Energy Resources’ in Geneva on 25 October 2022. It is therefore timely to discuss what the UNFC Geothermal Specifications are, and how they can help facilitate greater uptake of geothermal energy in the Asia Western Pacific region.

The speaker for this webinar will be Dr. Graeme Beardsmore from the University of Melbourne. He is currently the Secretary of the AWPRB and Director of the Australian Geothermal Association. He chaired the IGA committee that produced the first edition of the UNFC Geothermal Specifications in 2016, and continues to serve on the committee that updated the text in 2022.

In late 2022, the state of Queensland, Australia became the first jurisdiction in the world to mandate the UNFC Geothermal Specifications. Since then, more countries have expressed their interest in adopting the standards, indicating a strong potential to contribute to efforts of sustainable geothermal development.