Women in Geothermal (WING) US Team seeking your support and sponsorship

WING moments (source: U.S. WING team)
Alexander Richter 4 Sep 2019

Taking over the Global Chair of the Women in Geothermal (WING) group, the U.S. WING team is seeking your support in form of donations or sponsorship.

Our good friends at the U.S. team of Women in Geothermal (WING), that is going to take over the global leadership of the group this year, are seeking your support. You can donate or sponsor to this important group that seeks to increase the participation of women in the geothermal industry until we reach the goal of gender equality.  The below is shamelessly shared from an email I received, but that I wholeheartedly support.

At this time of year, the WING reaches out to industry stakeholders for sponsorships of any size to support its activities, including:

  • WING events at the Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting and Expo (the Global WING Awards, a motivational speaker, yoga classes, a fun run, and support for the poster session and golf tournament).
  • Supporting students to attend the GRC Annual Meeting and Expo.
  • Enabling more WING USA Team members to attend the World Geothermal Congress (WGC 2020) in Iceland next spring.

The WING USA Team is thrilled to have been selected as the next WING Global Chair! 

The team, so a statement, has developed a robust plan to build on the ground-breaking work of the first WING Global Team (from New Zealand), including:

  1. Connecting more people and spreading WING’s message via organizational handbooks, best practices guides, resources for motivational talks and a WING newsletter.
  2. Implementing initiatives for mentoring programs, adoption of anti-harassment policies, and supporting more women in leadership roles.
  3. Developing the Roadmap to 2023 (when the next WGC will be held) and working toward the targets therein, which are related to increasing membership and the number of country chapters, and specific metrics to demonstrate improved gender equality in the geothermal industry.

Your support will help WING to undertake the work that lies ahead and enable it to realize the objectives that the group has set for itself.

On behalf of WING, thank you for considering our request.

ThinkGeoEnergy has just now donated $300 to WING, via this GoFundMe donation website.

You can find details about WING and its activities on this website.

If you or your company wants to explore sponsorship opportunities get in touch with Katherine Young or Catie Smith or check with the WING group on Facebook.


Please let us know if you would like to host WING for one of the remaining time slots
by emailing Caity Smith ASAP!