Workshop – Geothermal Energy in Ireland/ GEOFIT, Galway – Jan 24-25, 2019

Workshop – Geothermal Energy in Ireland/ GEOFIT, Galway – Jan 24-25, 2019 Event website snapshot
Alexander Richter 18 Jan 2019

A workshop has been announced for January 24-25, 2019 in Galway/ Ireland to discuss the status of Geothermal Energy in Ireland and how the Geofit project is using latest geo technologies in the Aran Islands and Kingfisher gym in Galway.

A workshop on Geothermal Energy Ireland & the GEOFIT Solution will be held January 24-25, 209 in Galway, Ireland.

The aim of this CPD is to discuss the topic of Geothermal Energy in detail, a largely untapped resource to date. In particular, the talk will discuss the potential of geothermal energy in Ireland. The talk will be led by Ric Pasquali, the chairperson of the geothermal association of Ireland. In addition to this, the CPD will introduce projects and implementation of geothermal sources in a wide range of scenarios – in particular a presentation will be carried out on the Geofit project by Thomas Messervey of R2M Solutions and Gisela Soley of ComsaNUI Galway are also a key partner to the project. 

In summary the aim is to provide a full review of the past, current and future use of geothermal energy in Ireland, providing details on its implications, drawbacks and opportunities.

Geothermal Energy in Ireland – Current & Future Uses

  • Geothermal energy types & uses (shallow vs deep)
  • Geothermal energy use in Ireland and in EU context
  • Deep geo Irish resources and previous/ongoing studies/projects
  • Potential future utilization & comparative case study from other European region

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Secondly, all delegates will get an introduction to the Geofit Project and learn how geothermal energy can be used in retrofitting concepts. As well as this, delegates will learn about other geothermal EU projects.