Zorlu Energy and Toshiba sign wide-reaching cooperation agreement

Alasehir geothermal plant, Turkey by Zorlu Enerji (source: alternatifenerji)
Alexander Richter 19 Feb 2016

Turkish Zorlu Energy Group and Japanese Toshiba Corp. sign wide-reaching cooperation on thermal, geothermal and hydropower projects in Turkey.

Turkish Zorlu Energy Group has today announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Japanese Toshiba Corp. on the development of new generation power plant projects, with a focus on thermal, geothermal and hydroelectric projects.

This agreement, which will bring together Zorlu Energy Group’s expertise in all phases from project design to construction and operation with Toshiba Corp.’s competence in engineering and technology, will give a new impulse to Turkey’s target to be a regional energy base.

Bringing together Turkey’s indigenous energy resources with high technology, Zorlu Energy Group signed a cooperation agreement with Toshiba Corp. which stands out with its efficient and low-emission power plant technologies. The agreement will bring together Zorlu Energy Group’s expertise in all phases from project design to construction and operation with Toshiba Corp.’s global experience in providing high technology engineering and products. Taking effect as of January and valid for 1 year, the agreement will inspire realization of clean coal, geothermal and hydroelectric power plant projects at international standards.

Zorlu Energy General Manager Sinan Ak spoke at the signing ceremony that was held in Toshiba Corp.’s headquarters in Tokyo:

“As Zorlu Energy Group, while investing in energy resources, we are working with the vision of reaching the highest efficiency by using the highest technology and we create economic additional value on the basis of respect to human and environment. Based on this approach, we consider the cooperation agreement signed with Toshiba Corp. as a significant milestone for clean, low-emission and high technology power plant projects that we will realize in Turkey.”

Within the framework of the agreement, Zorlu Energy Group and Toshiba Corp. will conduct detailed feasibility studies in potential fields, in particular thermic, geothermal and hydroelectric fields. According to the agreement, parties have the option to sign more comprehensive and longer-term agreements for projects they decide to realize.

Having spoken at the signing ceremony, Toshiba Corp.’s CEO Yoshihiro Aburatani also expressed his satisfaction with regards to the cooperation and emphasized their confidence in Turkey’s high potential in the field of energy. Toshiba Corp. stands out with its low-emission, high technology power plant projects with its vast experience at global level.

Source: Zorlu/ Zoren