Zorlu Energy to host meeting of Turkish group of Women in Geothermal

Zorlu Energy to host meeting of Turkish group of Women in Geothermal WING Turkey Meeting 2016 in Izmir, Earth scientists' hammers are now working on the glass roof syndrome!
Alexander Richter 12 Oct 2017

Zorlu Energy will host the next meeting of the Turkish chapter of the Women in Geothermal (WING), which will also include a field trip to the Kizildere geothermal plants.

Women in Geothermal (WING) as a group was born as an idea at the 2013 Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) Annual Meeting, It is a social platform to support the progress, professional development and education of women working in the geothermal energy sector.

The chapter of WING in Turkey was established at a meeting held in Kusadasi on October 8, 2016, with the support of JESDER in a geothermal trade show.

WING, which runs its activities on a totally voluntary basis, is represented in over 48 countries with more than 750 active members today. Umut Destegül Solaroglu is the Turkish Ambassador to the WinG group, who is the global president of Andy Blair from New Zealand. ThinkGeoEnergy Interview with Umut.

For its next meeting in Turkey, WING in the country received support by Zorlu Energy. The company will host the WING meeting, which will include a technical trip to Kizildere JES, Turkey’s first geothermal power plant. Kizildere JES, which started with the production capacity of 15 MW and became special with the new laws in 2008, Kizildere II 80 MW and Kizildere III 100 +65 = 165 MW are among the most important projects of our sector with the planned capacity to be commissioned.

Zorlu Group, as a company has a common goal of “gender equality” aimed at the 5th United Nations Development Goals of 2030 and regards the empowerment of women in business life and society as a priority issue, and has expressed its satisfaction for supporting the WinG meeting.

You can contact WinG Turkey Ambassador Umut D. Solaroglu to get information about the event, join WinG Turkey and support this wonderful event.

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