10,000 Tweets of ThinkGeoEnergy, accomplishment or challenge of social media?

Tweet No. 10,000 of ThinkGeoEnergy
Alexander Richter 27 Aug 2015

ThinkGeoEnergy has just posted its tweet no. 10,000. While an accomplishment in itself it also showcases the challenges of social media, which lives of participation. The geothermal energy industry needs to get on this train sooner than later to keep up with the rest of the renewable energy world.

We have just jumped over an important threshold. We posted Tweet No. 10,000. Compared to all the social media stars, this does not seem much, but let me put this a little bit into context. Here is our Twitter Channel:

Twitter has and continues to be a big unknown not only to us, but in particular to the geothermal industry. While in essence it provides an opportunity to post news in short 140 letter tweets, it is also a way to more quickly share and post things.

We have been using Twitter to expand our reach since late in 2008. While there are people with 100,000s of tweets, one thing that we wanted to make sure from the beginning was that we only wanted to share concrete news pieces or things of value. Therefore we have not applied some of the social media tactics that see people posting the same tweet via several accounts. This maybe has given us less space in the daily vast amount of tweets, but lets us be a news outlet that can be trusted only sharing the things we consider of value to our readers and followers both here on, but also on our Twitter account.

Overall, the geothermal industry is not that social media savy. There are several reasons and this is a matter of concern. To keep up with other renewable energy technologies, the smart use of social media tools, such as Twitter and others is crucial. This is the reason why we will be soon publishing a Social Media/ Marketing Guide for the geothermal energy industry. Soon more on this here on the site.