1st EAGE Workshop on Geothermal & Hydro Power i Africa, 7-9 Dec. 2020

1st EAGE Workshop on Geothermal & Hydro Power i Africa, 7-9 Dec. 2020 Uhuru Park, Nairobi/ Kenya (source: flickr/DEMOSH, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 3 Jun 2020

Open invitation and Call for Abstracts for the first EAGE Workshop on geothermal energy and hydropower to take place December 7-9, 2020 in Nairobi, Kenya.

EAGE has issued a first announcement and Call for Abstracts for its 1st Workshop on Geothermal Energy & Hydro Power in Africa to take place 7-9 December 2020.

African governments are committed to the development of renewable energy sources to meet large percentage of their energy requirements as part of their strategy to achieve the intended Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Hydropower contributes the largest share of electricity consumed in many countries in Africa, however, with challenges of climate change, new focus areas needs to be put in place to ensure sustainable production and economic development of new hydropower projects.

On the other hand, geothermal energy is seeing new growth impetus as it is climate neutral, baseload, low cost, and abundant source of power for many countries located along the East African rift system. Despite the efforts to meet generation targets, transmission and distribution challenges have continued to hinder electricity access to millions of Africans.

The three-day workshop, therefore, will provide an opportunity to share knowledge, case studies, technologies, financing, O&M, and environmental and social issues for the development of hydropower and geothermal energy projects.

Key discussion points will include the contribution of geothermal energy in the continent’s energy mix and direct use. But the primary goal of the conference will be to promote the use of geothermal resources for power generation and direct use as a low-cost source of energy to address most of the SDGs. The conference will also propose new focus areas for hydropower generation to play a critical role in meeting energy requirements of the continent through new technologies.

The final technical program will be based on the themes of submitted abstracts, however we aim to include contributions related to the following topics linked to geothermal and hydro power:

  1. Applied Geoscience in Geothermal exploration and development – to include geology, geophysics, geochemistry reservoir engineering, and field development, power plant development and operation.
  2. Applied Geoscience in Hydropower Resource assessment and development – to include geology, hydrology geophysics, geochemistry, reservoir engineering, power plant development and operation.
  3. Engineering and Finance – The State of Infrastructure, Storage, Trading, Transmission, Distribution and Retail.
  4. Policy and Regulation – The State of Energy & Power Policies, Regulations, what’s working and what’s not, success case studies for policies that have been successful in attracting and catalyzing capital.
  5. Financing – Renewable energy programmes and projects financing.
  6. Technologies, and Capacity Building – Power utilities management case studies, what is really ailing African utility companies?
  7. Technology the 4.0 Industrial Revolution – How data will shape the future energy industries.

Who should attend?

This conference brings together government officials, decision and policy makers, technical experts, academia, private sector, financiers, and renewable industry players.

Contributions are invited from geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, power plant engineers, electricity transmission and distribution engineers, geothermal steam-field engineers, geothermal direct use engineers, environmental and social scientists, hydrologists, meteorologists, energy economists, finance experts, project managers and decision-makers.

Call for Abstracts

The technical committee invites you to submit an abstract of 2-4 pages for the First EAGE Workshop on Geothermal and Hydro Power in Africa. Abstracts should be submitted via the EAGE website using the downloads template. Abstracts will be accepted for both oral and poster presentations.

*Abstracts that do not meet the submission guidelines and instructions will not be considered.

Important Dates

  • Call for Abstracts Open 15 March 2020
  • Call for Abstracts Close 20 June 2020
  • Early Registration Opens 1 June 2020
  • Regular/ Late Registration Opens 1 October 2020
  • Online Registration Close 4 December 2020

For more information, please contact EAGE Africa / Middle East at or +971 4 369 3897