20 MW expansion of Ormat’s Steamboat Hills geothermal plant underway near Reno, Nevada

Steamboat Springs plant of Ormat, Nevada (source: Commons/ Wikimedia)
Carlo Cariaga 19 Aug 2019

The new 30 MW geothermal power plant will increase the production capacity of the Ormat plant in the Steamboat Hills while also reducing its visibility.

A new 30 MW geothermal power plant will be installed by Ormat Technologies at the Steamboat Hills geothermal power plant in Reno, Nevada. The new plant will replace an existing 10 MW system, expanding the plant’s capacity while reducing its visibility on the hillside.

According to Kyle Snyder, the senior director for business development of Ormat in Reno, the new plant will eliminate the visible steam plume from the old cooling tower by opting for an air-cooled technology. On top of the new plant facilities, one new well will also be drilled on land leased from the US Forest Service. The construction of the new plant is scheduled to be completed early next year.

Together with six other geothermal power plants in Steamboat Hills, the Ormat plant contributes to producing 73 MW of baseload renewable power. This capacity is enough for the power needs of the residential sector in Reno.

Source: This is Reno