3rd Annual Geothermal Conference, Copenhagen/ Denmark – 27 Feb 2019

Christiansborg palace, Copenhagen, Denmark (source: flickr/ Tim Bartel)
Alexander Richter 11 Jan 2019

The 3rd Annual Geothermal Conference for Denmark has been announced and will be taking place 27 February 2019 in Fællessalen of Christianborg in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 3rd Annual Geothermal Conference in Denmark will take place in the Fællessalen, Christiansborg in Copenhagen – February 27, 2019 – 13:00 to 17.30.

Like never before, sustainability and green energy are key items of the agenda today. Geothermal energy is a necessary supplement to the other green initiatives if Denmark is to reach its climate goals.

Together with the Minister, politicians and officials, organizations and professionals, as well as other interested parties, the Danish geothermal sector is looking forward hearing new and discussing the exploitation of the geothermal potential in the Danish underground at the annual geothermal conference in Christiansborg.

This year the focus will be on the government’s plans for the green energy, discuss biomass versus geothermal and heat pumps in relation to geothermal, financing and system integration.

Conference Website (Danish)

Program (updated file, Danish)