66 of 79 parcels receive bids in BLM Nevada geothermal lease sale

66 of 79 parcels receive bids in BLM Nevada geothermal lease sale Nevada State Route 305 Between Battle Mountain and Austin, Nevada (source: flickr/ Ken Lund, creative commons)
Carlo Cariaga 1 Sep 2022

Winning bids from 12 companies covered more than 192,000 acres of land, making the recent BLM Nevada geothermal lease sale one of the most successful.

In July 2022, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Nevada State Office announced a geothermal lease sale for 79 parcels of lands covering 232,517.81 acres of land in the State of Nevada, as we reported. This lease sale was concluded in August  30 with 66 parcels receiving high bids and BLM receiving a commitment of USD 2.98 million from the winning bidders.

A total of 192,912.46 acres of land received bids during the geothermal lease sale. This is a record-setting figure that reflects an increasing interest in the development of geothermal projects in Nevada. 22 bidders registered for the lease sale. The companies that submitted winning bids and the number of parcels they could be awarded with are as follows:

  • Aspect Holdings, LLC – 14 parcels
  • Ormat Nevada Inc. – 12 parcels
  • Baseload Power US Holdings Inc. – 10 parcels
  • Riverside Minerals LLC – 6 parcels
  • RodaTherm Energy Corporation – 6 parcels
  • TLS GEOTHERMICS CORP. – 5 parcels
  • KDS Investments Holding LLC – 5 parcels
  • Zanskar Geothermal & Minerals – 3 parcels
  • OM Geothermal LLC – 2 parcels
  • Chevron USA Inc. – 1 parcel
  • Sierra Pacific Power Company (DBA NV Energy) – 1 parcel
  • Raser Power Systems LLC – 1 parcel

Source: BLM Nevada