ACHEGEO celebrates 5th anniversary

ACHEGEO celebrates 5th anniversary ACHEGEO Geothermal Congress 2011 in Santiago, Chile (source: ACHEGEO)
Francisco Rojas 10 Oct 2014

ACHEGEO AG is a trade association founded in October 2009 whose mission is to promote the use of geothermal energy in Chile.

On October 2 ACHEGEO celebrated its fifth anniversary. The following is a press release issued the association.

Today October 2nd the anniversary of our beloved Association commemorates. Therefore, I extend warm greetings to all our partners. In these five years we have shared and worked on major challenges, which would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication of all of you.

That is why we will continue working to more quickly achieve our requirements and thus break down the barriers that currently exist for geothermal. Finally, we reaffirm our commitment to continue doing activities and creating opportunities for dialogue that represent the thinking of all our partners.

Happy birthday and congratulations to ACHEGEO great human and professional group within it.

Source: ACHEGEO via Peinsa Geotermia