Architecture – Sea-side geothermal bath, Akranes, Iceland

Architecture – Sea-side geothermal bath, Akranes, Iceland Gudlaug Bath, Akranes, Iceland - Basalt Architects (source: ThinkGeoEnergy, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 11 Apr 2021

Another great geothermal pool by Icelandic architecture firm Basalt Architects, featuring a free and open to the public geothermal bath right at the seaside.

Architecture is a crucial element in our daily lifes and we have covered architecture in the context of geothermal a few times before.

Today, we are sharing a video from a great sea-side geothermal bath set up in the city of Akranes, Iceland. About 40 min by car from Reykjavik,  the capital of Iceland, the bath is another work by Icelandic architecture office Basalt Architects. The company has done several geothermal related projects, among them – likely most prominent – is the award winning Blue Lagoon and attached five-star hotel the Retreat.

The bath featured here today is the Guðlaug Bath on the Langisandur Beach at Akranes. It is quite a sight. Set up with a three-tiered structure it features two pools a hot pool in the middle, a cooler pool at the bottom near the sea line and a viewing platform on top.

The architects wanted to connect the ocean with the bath allowing the option of going for a dip or swim in the cold ocean water to then heat up again in the pool.

The pool is open and free to the public and a popular spot for locals and tourists.

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Source: Dezeen