Article covers the most famous hot dry rocks areas in Europe

Alexander Richter 12 Nov 2009

The most famous Hot Dry Rocks areas in Europe are being described in a recent news article.

In a recent article, Geothermia writes about ‘The most famous Hot Dry Rocks areas in Europe’ in a recent article.

“From the west to the east, from Sweden to France – hot dry rocks are not just some stones somewhere on the beach, hot due to sunlight, but as we wrote before, Hot Dry Rock (HDR) is also the synonym for geothermal energy utilization – thanks to EGS and establishing engineered closed geothermal water loop.

Let‘s look closer at the most famous „hot rocks“ in Europe, which mean for HDR research and development the milestones: Rosemanowes Quarry in Britain, European HDR Project Soultz in France, Le Mayet in France, Fjällbacka in Sweden, Falkenberg in Germany, Bad Urach in Germany.”

The article then continues describing the project at Soultz-sous-Forets and Rosemanowes Quarry. The other hot dry rocks areas will be described in a later article on that site.

Source: Geothermia