Axpo and partners drilling successful at Taufkirchen project in Germany

Taufkirchen project managers take first bath in the water from the project's first well (source: Axpo)
Alexander Richter 8 Dec 2011

Last week, German Exorka and Swiss Axpo AG report that the JV has successfully drilled its first well finding sufficient water and heat for the planned combined power and heat plant in Taufkirchen in Bavaria/ Germany.

Reported by Jörg Uhde of Swiss utility Axpo AG at the GeoPower Europe event this week, the geothermal power and heat project in Taufkirchen, Germany has successfully finished drilling the first well.

Water has been found at a depth of 4,200 meters with a temperature of 134 centigrades.

The project was started one year ago and intends to provide sufficient water for heating of up to 4,000 households and power for 10,000 households in Taufkirchen, a small city just outside of Munich in Bavaria, Germany.

It is expected that the plant will tart operating in 2013. Then about 100 liters of water per second, at a temperature of 134 centigrades will supply the power plant. Until then a second well will be drilled and the construction of the power plant will have been finished.

The project is realized by Exorka, which belongs to the Daldrup-group (a geothermal drilling company listed on the German Stock Exchange). Swiss power company Axpo AG holds a 35 percent stake.

The Swiss player is seeing the German project as a learning experience for the planned geothermal development of the company in Switzerland.

Source: German news article