Azerbaijan estimates 800 MW of geothermal power

Azerbaijan estimates 800 MW of geothermal power Bailovo, Baku, Azerbaijan (source: flickr/ David Davidson, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 10 Jul 2015

The country has less than 1% of renewable energy at the moment but expects to increase it to 20% by 2020.

News from Azerbaijan inform that the country is in talks with Georgia to develop both country’s renewable energy potential. According to local news, both countries met and said meeting resulted in “the establishment of a working group between Georgia and Azerbaijan, as well as agreement on the intensification of bilateral meetings, and an exchange of experiences in the field of alternative energy.”

The same source states that Azerbaijan has significant geothermal potential to be developed, estimated around 800MW.  Renewables are still non-exisitng in the country where “the share of alternative energy sources in Azerbaijan is less than 1 percent. This share is planned to increase to 20 percent of the total volume of energy consumption in Azerbaijan by 2020, which requires 7 billion manat ($8.9 billion) of investment.”

Source: AzerNews