Bids opened for Domuyo tender in Argentina

Bids opened for Domuyo tender in Argentina Domuyo volcano, Neuquen province, Argentina (source: Flickr/ pablodf, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 13 Aug 2015

There are five companies/joint collaborations who are currently competing for the "Domuyo Geothermal Field" tender in Argentina.

Local news from Argentina state that the Secretariat of Energy and the ADI-Nqn have formally opened the financial bids for the “Domuyo Geothermal Field” tender, in which five companies are currently competing for.

As of today, the lowest bid was submitted by the consortium Enal-Proinsa with $ 5,499,219.43 without VAT.The deadline to carry out the project is of 9 consecutive months. There are another 4 companies/joint collaborations still in the race for the bid: Teranov – Hidrotec; Consorcio Adage Geotermal Inc- Quantec Geoscience Argentina; Geotermia Andina – DTP Laboratorios – Consultoría Demison; and Grupo Minero Aconcagua.

The winner of the bid must make social and environmental studies and services in geology, geophysics and geochemistry for surface level research, to develop a model and determine the potential for geothermal energy development to generate electricity on a commercial scale.
Source: Imnequen