BLM seeking public comments on proposed Baltazor geothermal project in Nevada

Baltazor geothermal hot springs, Denio, Nevada (source: flickr/ Ken Lund, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 21 Jul 2020

The Nevada Bureau of Land Management is seeking public comments for an environmental assessment to be done for the proposed Baltazor geothermal project near Baltazor Hot Springs in the State of Nevada.

The Bureau of Land Management, Humboldt River Field Office (HRFO) is seeking public comments on issues to be analyzed in an environmental assessment for the proposed Baltazor Geothermal Development Project (BGDP) that would be located approximately 7 miles southwest of Denio near Baltazor Hot Springs off NV State Highway 140, in Humboldt County, Nevada. The 15-day scoping period ends July 21, 2020.

The EA will analyze the environmental effects of building two geothermal power plants to produce 30 megawatts of electricity, an electrical substation, up to 11 total geothermal production and injection wells, 1.8 miles of geothermal fluids pipelines, 1.7 miles of new access road, an aggregate pit, ancillary facilities, and upgrades to an existing 5-mile transmission line. The proposed upgrade to the overhead transmission line would enable the transport of the energy generated to an existing 120kV Harney Electric transmission line to the commercial market.

The project supports the Trump Administration’s goals of achieving energy security, strengthening local economies, and creating local jobs and Executive Order 13783: Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth and Secretary’s Order 3349: American Energy Independence. Project construction would likely require a maximum of 50 workers, with an average of 20 to 30 workers after grading and excavation. Once operating, the Project would have a staff of approximately 15-20 employees. The power plant would be staffed and approximately 1-2 employees may be on-site at a given time.

Scoping documents and details for the proposed Project can be viewed at the website below. Public comments on issues to be analyzed in the environmental assessment are welcome during the 15-day public scoping period. These comments may be submitted before the close of the scoping period on July 21, 2020 by any of the following methods:

Source: BLM Nevada