Call for EOI drilling contract for Akiira geothermal project, Kenya

Drilling rig at Akiira (Courtesy of MunichRE)
Alexander Richter 29 Sep 2015

Akiira Geothermal published a call for Expression of Interest for a complete drilling contract for 4 to 10 MW of geothermal wells.

As published today in the papers in Kenya, Akiira Geothermal Limited invites submissions of Expression of Interest (EOI) for the supply of one drilling rig to drill 4 to 1ö0 geothermal wells in the Hell’s Gate ward, Naivasha Sub county, Nakura County, Kenya.

The Contractor shall supply all the drilling services necessary for exploration and development of the Akiira Geothermal Prospect. The saftey, efficiency and efctiveness of drilliing equipment, personnel shall not be compromised and is expected to be prioritized.

The work under the contract shall comprise of the effecient operaiton and maintenance (O&M) of all the necessary rig equipment and the timely support of personnel, services and consumables required for the drilling and completing of each geothermal well located within the site area.

The works hall comprise of the supply and setting up o a ´”fully equipped and manned drilling rig, supply of consumables.

The wells will be directionally drilled with depths varying between 3,00 and 3,500 mete

The wells will be directionally drilled with a depth of between 3,000 and 5,000 meters.

The drilling contractor should have an available rig and capable team which has drilled successfully multiple wells in high temperature geothermal fields.

Please submit information about the company the history of the drilling operation.

Please submit information about the comany, the history of the drilling oepration

Source: scan of Daily Nation  today