Canadian developer proposing geopark concept to community

Canadian developer proposing geopark concept to community CanGEA Direct Use Workshop, Valemount, BC/ Canada,February 2016 (source: The Rocky Mountain Goat)
Alexander Richter 9 May 2016

Canadian developer Borealis Geopower is proposing a geopark concept in conjunction with a planned geothermal power project in Valemount, British Columbia in Canada.

Canadian developer Borealis Geopower has been working on the development of a geothermal power project at Canon Reach, near Valemount in British Columbia, Canada. We reported about the project before. The company has over the years also stressed out the opportunities of direct use of the geothermal resource for the community.

Now at a recent meeting in Valemount, the company introduced a potential funding opportunity that could make Valemount a showcase for what geothermal could do in Canada.

Borealis GeoPower is now applying for funding from a super fund, a joint program between a federal non-profit organization called Sustainable Development Technology Canada and an Albertan organization called the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation. Borealis’ project is to build a demonstration geothermal energy industrial park in Valemount, or a “geopark” (not the UNESCO type of Geopark, which is currently being considered for the McBride to Barriere corridor area).

Borealis is proposing a small power-generating project at an industrial park in Valemount, with other small businesses using the “waste heat.” Among the companies interested is a small brewing company.

With this project, Canada could see the first real showcase of what can be achieved with geothermal, not just for power generation but also heat applications.

Source: The Rocky Mountain Goat