Canadian news picking up on geothermal option in BC

Canadian news picking up on geothermal option in BC Terrace, BC, Canada (source: flickr/ Sam Beebe, Ecotrust, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 26 Nov 2014

The debate between building a hydro plant in Site C in BC, Canada or the possibility of developing geothermal continues on the news.

The recent debate to develop hydro over geothermal energy in site C in BC, Canada is gathering momentum in the country’s news.

Local news cite a report released by CanGEA stating “a “portfolio” of geothermal facilities could be built for less money than the projected $8-billion cost of Site C while generating similar amounts of power. In addition, it would have other advantages over a single, big dam, including a smaller environmental footprint and the generation of heat as a byproduct.”

The article then highlights the comments between the energy minister Bill Bennet stating that the hydro plant is a good idea and CanGEA’s chair Alison Thompson that argues that geothermal has been downplayed as a viable alternative without considering the implications.

To read the full debate, please follow the link below.

Source: The Globe and Mail