CanGEA highlighting geothermal job creation potential for BC, Canada

Mount Robson, Fraser-Fort George, BC/ Canada (source: flickr/ CanadaGood, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 26 Jan 2015

The job creation potential is greater, better spread out and and lasting longer for the proposed geothermal project than for the hydro one according to managing director of Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA)

In an interesting article from The Journal of Commerce, the debate regarding Site C in BC Canada keeps on going, in this case regarding the potential for job creation. The local news source details that according to Geothermal Energy: The Renewable and Cost Effective Alternative to Site C, 1,100 megawatts – the same amount as Site C – of geothermal power projects would create more sustainable employment for surrounding communities.

“While Site C promises only 160 permanent jobs, U.S. Department of Energy statistics indicate that the equivalent amount of geothermal energy would produce 1,870 permanent jobs. This does not include jobs that result from the direct use of geothermal heat, which are also significant.”

However, said Alison Thompson, managing director of Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA), which published the report, geothermal projects would result in fewer construction jobs than the Site C dam.

“Geothermal projects would be spread around the province, not all on one site,” she said. “And, unlike Site C, they would not be built all at once. They would be staggered, with construction beginning in the highest-priority regions first.”

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Source: The Journal of Commerce