Chilean players propose independent body to manage electric licensing

The city of Antofagasta, Chile (source: flickr/Bracani....Antonio, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 11 Jul 2014

For efficacy and efficiency purposes, the the chief executive of the Association of Electric Companies, Rodrigo Castillo in Chile is asking for an autonomous system that takes care of the electric licensing in the country.

Following a recent post in our sister website, Piensa en Geotermia, where the executive director of the Association of Electric Companies explained that Chile is in the need to creating a independent body  to manage electric licensing and that while deals can be improved, the most important is to “unlock” investments.

The chief executive of the Association of Electric Companies, Rodrigo Castillo, said the “tender system should be managed ideally by an independent body that can be autonomous and probably also take care of the administration of contracts. ”

Under that line is the executive said that “if this were not possible, for political issues or lack of time, it would be ideal if said body would be the authority responsible for developing the processes.”

Castillo, in this regard, clarified that the tender system should be in the hands of an “autonomous” entity does not mean that distributors “want to have less responsibility” after his idea is that “we are available to leave one of the skills we had in towards achieving this mix of public policy objectives that we believe has been raising the Energy Agenda “.

In his view, this is one of the issues being discussed in the various working groups of the sector, and in that sense Castillo explained that while the tender system is improved, it is essential to “unlock the investments,” said .

Source: Empresas Electricas AG via PiensaEnGeotermia