City utility of Sarajevo exploring geothermal as option for district heating

View over Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (source: flickr/ davidcjones, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 16 Jul 2020

Toplane Sarajevo, city utility of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is going to explore geothermal energy as source for its district heating systems.

District heating utility Toplane Sarajevo in the capital city of Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Fund of FBiH has announced work on research of thermal waters in the area of Ilidza for the needs of district heating

On July 3, 2020, Toplane Sarajevo signed an Agreement with the Environmental Protection Fund of the Federation of BiH on the allocation of funds within the “Project of hydrogeological research of thermal waters in the area of Ilidza for district heating Toplana Sarajevo”, with the ultimate goal of using renewable energy sources district heating Toplana Sarajevo.

Funds in the amount of 35 thousand KM (around EUR 180,000) that will be allocated to heating plants include the preparation of project documentation.

If the hydrogeological tests through the first phase of this project show their justification in terms of finding geothermal water of satisfactory temperature, drilling of a geothermal well will continue, to which the heating plants will have a concession and use geothermal water in the district heating system.

With the implementation of this project, it is planned to heat the Ilidza settlements that cover the boiler rooms of Mala Aleja, Mlada Bosna and Tomo Meza.

The realization of this project introduces a completely new way of heating that excludes the use of natural gas and other alternative energy sources in the process of heat production, which has an invaluable positive impact on the contribution to air quality.

Source: Toplane Sarajevo