Collecting pictures of geothermal plants around the world

Collecting pictures of geothermal plants around the world 3 MW Bjarnarflag geothermal plant of Landsvirkjun, Iceland (source: flickr/ ThinkGeoEnergy, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 27 Jan 2016

ThinkGeoEnergy has been collecting pictures of geothermal plants around the world, but is asking for your help. Please share pictures of geothermal plants for all to use in showcasing the great opportunity presented by geothermal energy.

ThinkGeoEnergy has over the years taken lots and lots of pictures of geothermal events we attended, but also of geothermal plants visited.

You can find albums with pictures from events and plants visited here:

All of the pictures on the Flickr-account of ThinkGeoEnergy are free to use and released under a creative commons license, all I ask is if you use it just mention that the source is ThinkGeoEnergy. If you use the commercially or not – doesn’t matter, feel free to use.

We as an industry need to promote ourselves. I just commented on a great twitter post by a kid that did a fantastic geothermal exhibit as part of a school project. Great to see young “geothermalists” growing up.  But I commented on the tweet saying that there are also nice plants in California.

Sometimes we look too far for good things while they often are much closer. Having visited plants in Iceland, New Zealand, the Philippines, Mexico, the United States, and Germany, I can say that there are a lot of really nice examples of geothermal plants around the world.

But for marketing purposes often the picture quality is not good enough, so that is why we look at pictures of exemplary and nice geothermal plants that often happen to be in New Zealand or Iceland.

So I challenge you. Please share your pictures of geothermal plants of the world and make them available to the world to be used.

You could either choose to share them via our Group on Flickr at: or send them to me and I post them on our Flickr page with a note mentioning you. (But understand that all pictures you share will be made available for free use under a creative common license).

Lets promote geothermal with the nice images of the plants we build.