Community in Central Poland to explore geothermal heating option

Street in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland (source: Michalszew, wikimedia commons)
Alexander Richter 6 Feb 2019

The municipality of Tomaszow Mazowiecki in Central Poland is preparing for drilling activities that will explore the utilisation of geothermal energy for heating.

The municipality of Tomaszów Mazowiecki in central Poland is preparing for a geothermal project with a planned test well to be drilled shortly. The city secured 100% funding from Poland’s National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management for the project.

At the moment, the drill pad is being prepared and an access road being set up. Then the area will be fenced, and within it there will be pools to which water will be collected. The drilling and corresponding tests will be conducted to explore if water can be retrieved that is hot enough to be used in the municipal heating plant.

If successful, the hot water could also be used for spa or other recreational purposes. In the coming weeks, the drilling rig will be set up for drilling, so Joanna Budny, spokesperson for the City Hall in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

The total value of the investment is over Polish Zloty 13.36 million (around USD 3.6 million). Completion of the work should take place in the middle of this year, then the results of hydrogeological research should be known. Based on the results, it will be known if the water has sufficient teperature, efficiency and mineralisation.

Source: ePiotrkow