Consistent engagement and exposure – key for geothermal marketing on social media

Consistent engagement and exposure – key for geothermal marketing on social media Patrick Hanson of Geo Energy Marketing (right) and Alexander Richter (ThinkGeoEnergy) at the interview
Alexander Richter 12 Nov 2019

In an interview with Patrick Hanson of Geo Energy Marketing, we discuss the importance of positioning companies on the available social media tools and platforms with consistent engagement and exposure. Regular content, engaging with the market, clients and employees are all key to marketing.

During the 2019 GRC Annual Meeting, ThinkGeoEnergy was able to take several interviews with colleagues and friends in the geothermal industry. In this interview with Patrick Hanson of Geo Energy Marketing Services, a good friend in the industry, we talk about marketing, geothermal energy and its positioning.

Geo Energy Marketing Services provides marketing and social media services for small to mid-size service companies. Over the years, we have worked on many things together, understanding that promoting companies also requires promoting the category of “geothermal energy”. This goes hand in hand with positioning services to the geothermal sector.

With the often lackluster approach and lack of understanding on how to utilise social media, companies often are not getting the attention for their products and services they are representing and deserve.

Companies in the sector often either don’t have the resources for a dedicated marketing role, or simply do not sufficiently invest in content creation for social media.

LinkedIn, as a key business tool, is simply too little utilised by the geothermal industry and to have updated profiles, not only for the company, but also the key employees is important. It is also important for employees from all ranks of the company to embrace the networking and business development opportunities provided. The geothermal sector as a whole is not utilising social media sufficiently

Twitter has become an important tool for sharing news and can be a great tool for companies, but again not sufficiently utilised.  Patrick also describes how Instagram has become the most engaging social media platform, while the use of pictures somewhat limit the approach, but surely provides great opportunities for engagement.

Patrick Hanson has a long experience both as a marketing executive and consultant and provides packages to companies that want to engage more efficiently on social media and its platforms. Providing social media management packages, the options are both from managing the complete platform for companies or create branded content.

We though also discuss the importance of the companies not only promoting themselves, but also engage with everyone in the industry on positioning and marketing geothermal energy as a category in the renewable energy context.

Important is the collaboration of all of us in the industry and that we – both as an industry, and as individual companies and individuals – are consistent in our engagement and exposure to the industry, potential customers and the general public.

We thank Patrick for the interview. You can find more details about his company’s activities on

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… oh and Patrick also has his personal accounts, of course … but you will not miss him on social media.