Construction contract signed for Croatia’s first geothermal plant

Construction contract signed for Croatia’s first geothermal plant Wellhead on project site, Velika Ciglena, Croatia (source: Mannvit)
Alexander Richter 30 Jun 2017

The development of Croatia's first geothermal power plant at Velika by Croatian Geoen and Turkish MB Holding is progressing with the signature of a construction contract with local company Dura Dakovic Group this week.

Progress on the development of Croatia’s first geothermal power plant has been reported this week.

Developed in a Crotian-Turkish partnership by Croatian GEOEN and Turkish MB Holding, the turbine for the project is to be delivered by Turboden, as we reported in September last year.

The developer has now signed a contract with local Dura Dakovic Group on the construction, commissioning and connection to grid for the “Velika 1” geothermal power plant and the construction of the associated wells and pipelines in Velika Cigleni near Bjelovar.

The value of this contract is 71.145.015,45 Croatian (approximately $10.7 million)

Initially scheduled to come online this year, we will try to find out more about the status of development and construction.

Source: Poslovni